You lose some, you win some.

So I'm supposed to be volunteering at the Extreme Makeover set. Midnight to six am.

Clearly, I'm not there.

However they have promised me a choice shift tomorrow at the house for the reveal! (I realize a promise at this point isn't worth a damn thing, but the potential is pretty exciting for me!)

So, hopefully, twelve hours from now I'll be on the site when the Frisch family first sees their new home. God willing and all that.

Who knows, maybe you'll see me on TV in a few weeks. I'll be the tall one in the blue shirt oogling the guys in turnout gear.

Just kidding.

Okay, not really.

Honestly, I'm just excited to be able to help.


Evil Transport Lady said...

Sounds cool! I love guys in turn out gear;)

kvegas911 said...

I will be eyeballing the crowd for ya!