A few further thoughts on my 9/11 post.

EE said...

"Epi, girl, you know I love you...but there were more than 323 heros that day...there were also ~30 LEOs that ran into that building. There were a lot more than 343 heros that day."
She's absolutely right.

Let me start by saying that I never meant to insinuate that there were only 343 heroes that day.

There were countless heroes, the majority whose stories we'll never know. All there just because they had a job to do. All heroes.

I'm sure I'll miss some group here, but to start:
343 Firefighters
23 NYPD Officers
37 Port Authority Officers
125 people (Soldiers and Civilian) from the Pentagon
PA K9 Officer
8 Private and Public EMS employees
FBI, Tax Enforcement, Fish and Wildlife Service, and Secret Service all lost at least one person
Thousands of civilians in all of the buildings and on the planes.

All heroes.

The point of my post on 9/11 was to share my thoughts about that day. My memories and my thoughts. Those 343 people that I referred to were the people that left an indelible mark on my soul, the image that I'll carry with me forever. I stand by that.

From my original post:

"The image that I will forever associate with this horrible day will be the faces of the Firefighters running into those buildings. The stories of how those brave men and women kept people calm and moving down the dozens of flights of stairs while they courageously climbed them. Those 343 heroes."


Medix311 said...

Epi, don't feel bad. I know that you weren't insinuating that there were only 343 heroes. I understand because I tend to identify with firefighters the most and generally speaking, 343 is the number that most people are familiar with.

I'll confess that I had to look up the numbers of other responders. I have never forgotten them, but I don't have those numbers committed to heart.

Epijunky said...

I took some from your excellent post and I had to look up the others...

I haven't forgotten them either... I haven't forgotten ANY of them, all the way down to the K9 :)

Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it :)

hilinda said...

I was reading things on the web today, and found several places where people were commenting that people are starting to forget. One said something about having a conversation with someone who mentioned that he had thought of it for a moment a few days before, but not on the 11th.

It's probably true that some people don't think about it much.

I can't imagine. It's on my mind every day.

Jill said...

Thanks for your post- I am so afraid that people are forgetting. I lost friends who were firefighters that day, and I also lost friends who worked in the Towers.And I spent all of 9/11 this year, re-reading stories and watching videos to make sure that I didnt let it hurt a little less. Too many people are going back to the same old- same old, and the horror is not as strong.
Sorry to babble- this just hits too close to home.