A Conversation with Matty

Matty: Have you grown an inch?

Epi: Are you f'n kidding me? Seriously? I'm 32-years-old.

Matty: Well, you're walking a little taller I think.

Epi: I haven't put on any height in over 19 years. Jesus, NINETEEN YEARS? Christ I'm getting old.

Matty: Old and decrepit. But taller. And skinnier.

Epi: Old and decrepit. I see how you are. You go out there and lift morbidly obese patients run after run for months on end and see how YOU feel.

Matty: You were warned that this was the job you were undertaking...

Epi: Shut the hell up.

Matty: Okay, shutting it.

Epi: Do you have any rolaids?

Matty: *biting his tongue* In the cabinet there may be some tums.

Yes folks... My body is breaking down on me. I found out today that my tiny lil gastric bypass pouch has developed an ulcer. I'm beginning treatment with Pepcid and PCN. I hope it works because the alternative sucks royally.


Laura said...

OH, no, Epi!! I am sooooo sorry!! Best of luck on the meds. Please be careful and listen to the doctor.

Evil Lunch Lady said...

Ack! I'm so sorry you have to go through this! I hope it all heals up fast!

bobball said...

Geez, what a drag! Take care of yourself.

BTW...great blog epi!

Epijunky said...

Hey Laura and Evil Lunch Lady :) Thanks for the comments.

I think I'm going to live! You can stand down lifeflight.

Bob: Hey!!! Thanks for stopping by... Hopefully soon I'll have something more interesting to write about than ulcers, fleas and potty training!

lucy said...

I will be keeping my fingers crossed that it heals itself and no other intervention is necessary. Take care.

Odie said...

careful! you need to keep healthy or i'm going to wind up hurting myself at work without the witty blog entries to read.

NannyOgg said...

{{{ HUGS }}}