Crashed out.

She Who Rules.

S/P Excessive Chocolate Milk intake. Some of you will understand.


Anonymous said...

Chocolate Milk does the same thing to me too, except I don't look as cute.

Evil Lunch Lady said...

What a cutie!

Akelamalu said...

I just popped over from Authorblog to say congrats on your 'Post of the day' - I guess this young lady was the surprise pregnancy from the winning post?

That was some read about your surgery. I had a total knee replacement 17 months ago and it was nowhere near as bad as what you went through m'dear!

Epijunky said...

Kim: Chocolate milk puts me into a pseudo diabetic coma. It's not pretty.

Evil Lunch Lady: Thank you... She's growing on me :) Guess I could stop threatening to sell her to Gypsy's one of these days.

akelamalu: Thank you so much for stopping by... You would be correct. She is the little ball of sweetness and light I found out would be arriving just a short time after I had my surgery. She turned out just fine.

It was a rough road, but one that in the end I don't regret.

Anonymous said...


I've been known to deliberately induce Therapeutic Chocolate Milk Coma in medically approved patients.

Camryan said...


She's beautiful and reminds me of my own "She who Rules" who is a chocolate milk addict. Only it just makes her higher than a kite! except at bedtime- then she falls right to sleep! My little darlin' will be 4 in the fall.

Enjoy her! they will be grown up before we know it!