One Year Ago We Were Dealing With This.

That's my Son's legs. Eaten alive by fleas we didn't know we had. Apparently he's allergic.

They told us he was allergic to some type of food.

Then they told us he was "Hypersensitive to Mosquito bites."

Then they told us he had scabies.

It was an old school ER doc who took one look at my poor little man and told us that we had "A Flea problem."

That was understating it a bit. We were infested and had no idea. No one else had as much as a pimple on them. Poor Future Cardiologist was being eaten alive.

I'm proud to say that today we are Flea free... And we only had to napalm the house five or six times.


Evil Lunch Lady said...

Fleas suck! My oldest was a baby when she was attacked like that. Her doc. hit the roof, said you've got fleas, get rid of them. I took forever and we did it. I never had a clue either. Damn things!

Epijunky said...

It really was a nightmare. I'm still afraid the kids a pet just based on the possibility of coming across more of these little blood suckers.

Laura said...

they are vile little vampires! I had a pug that was hypersensitive to flea bites. As I was not a mama to human beings, it was just as traumatic for me. Fortunately my Missy is a rugged little bugger!

:) Laura

Karen Little said...

I knew what those were even before I read the post... The hospitals I work at are infested and fleas just love me. I hate to be a pessimist, but the bites leaves scars - my ankles will never be the same again. If I was a model, my career would be over. Luckily, I'm not :)