Happy Monday (Well, it's Tues. but still)

Step One: Hurt your back while lifting one of eight bariatric patients.

Step Two: The tooth I need to have a root canal done on is KILLING me.

Step Three: Flat tire.

Yes folks, THIS is what was stuck in my effing tire.

Happy Monday. Or Tuesday.


Doug said...

Ick. I recall crossing the railroad tracks at Kenwood and Douglas (I lived on Whiteway at the time) and hearing this sick metallic smacking sound hitting the wheel well of my car at the time at regular intervals, getting slower as I stopped. Sure enough, it was a railroad spike, sticking out the sidewall of the tire. I have no idea how it was laying there just right to catch where it did, but it sure did. My mood deflated about at rapidly as that tire did. Have a better day tomorrow!

Laura said...

LOL - Epi, sometimes it's Monday all week!!!


Hope the rest of your week gets better, though!

Epijunky said...

Doug, I'm going to blame this one on the bridge and intersection at LaGrange and the off ramp from 75S. Best I can tell that's where I picked it up.

It's also where I've blown two tires. Go me :)

Laura: Girl, don't I know it.

Jeff said...

Either you've got little hands (especially for the 6' tall giant that you are) or that's one big screw.

I'm guessing you weren't lucky enough to just need a patch. :(