I declare today... A good day.

Today's plans:

Visit the Toledo Museum of Art with She Who Rules and Future Cardiologist.
Get some pictures of them outside by the columns and on the mammoth tire swing.
Stare longingly at random Van Gogh paintings and ponder if he really was dig toxic.

Tonight's plans:

Party down with friends and family at the German American Festival.
24 different kinds of beer (none of which I plan on buying for myself!) .
20,000 people.
Bonus: I don't have to drive.



Ambulance Driver said...

LOL...have fun!

And OF COURSE Van Gogh was dig toxic. You doubt me? *grin*

Laura said...

Hope you had a blast at the the museum...and even more fun after! Love the pics!

Sorry, I have no clue about Van Gogh, but after googling & medline'ing it makes sense...