Welcome To The World, Zane....

Zander Johan Gottlieb
20" (Splitting the difference, Stac, hope you don't mind :)) 7lbs 6oz
0939 08-19-08

Stacie, he's BEAUTIFUL. I'm so happy for you and Y and the family. Congratulations Honey. The girls will no doubt adore him.

Grrr. I think I want another one.


Evil Lunch Lady said...

A Preemie?? Hope he loses all those tubes fast! He is a cutie!

Laura said...

Congrats, Stacie! He is a cutie!! And if he is a preemie, he's a big preemie! I can relate to your statement, Epi -seeing those cute little babies turns on the "I wants..."

Me too!!! :o)


Stacey said...

mommy here:
Nope this one isn't a preemie he was somewhere between 37w1 and 38w4d when he came.. Big boy :)

One of his older sister's was a preemie at 34w5d, and she had the same issues.

I guess we like to blow out lungs in our family..

Epi.. you can feel free to put out any info you want or know, we're not shy :)

OOH he chest tube came out today.. :)