Go read Laura.

I *heart* Laura's blog... Go read it!

A conversation between Laura and myself:

Laura: Quit trying to give your kids away!
Laura: OK, fine.. I'll take them, but only if they have a return policy.
Epi: But they're cute, they clean up well...
Laura: The first sign of the stomach flu, I'm returning them.
Epi: I can understand that. When one gets it the other has it within 24 hours.

Clearly we understand each other VERY well. She has an enormous talent... Go check her out.

And Laura? They really do clean up well... But no deposit no return, hon. :)


Laura said...

LOL - Thanks, Epi! I *heart* your blog too! But it took me a minute to realize that most of our conversation was in black and blended into your background...(hint, hint) LOL

So, if you highlight it, you can read all of our conversation!!!

Evil Lunch Lady said...

I have and I will:) Hope your tummy feels ok Today!