Criticism courtesy of a Putz

A blogger known as Putz left a comment on a post of mine tonight, I felt like I needed to address it here.

Putz said:

“i make up stuff too..i go on trips i really don't go on and then blog about them and people think i did, and comment back to me on the trip i didn't take...that is called a lie you lie also....”

I'm not at all sure what you're talking about here, Putz. My life, while not the most exciting one, has never been boring enough where I'd have to fabricate stories about trips I've taken.

“i once told a person i was ooogled by jessica i never was but if you go to my bloogg back in 2006 when i first started to blog i said that and my make believe daughterinlaw blogged back that she thought that was neat..all a you lie also...”

Wow. So you've not only made up stories about being oogled by celebrities, but you've created fictitious commenters to comment on the same? Wow. That's amazing.

“i called it creative expression because i am a writer and i have the RIGHT to do that....what is your excuse for fibbing about hospitals, things you are, towns lived in etc etc etc?????creative license...are you an auther also??????”

Ohhh, so it's creative expression? You're a writer? You're a writer who can't spell “author”, abuses question marks and in general ignores the basic rules of grammar and capitalization? (Well, I do the same thing, I can't fault you on that last one.)

Let me address this one point by point.

Have I “fibbed” about hospitals? Yes. Absolutely I have. I've never hidden from anyone who has read my blog that facts about my patients, names, locations, the sex and minor details have been changed to keep the HIPAA police from knocking down my door.

Have I ever lied about a town I've lived in? What would the point of that be? Point out a case where you believe I've lied about a town I've lived in, and I'll gladly provide the proof that I've lived there.

Have I ever lied about the things I am? I'm not sure where you're going with that. I don't believe that I've ever misrepresented the way that I've felt during a call, be it terrified or an ocean of calm. I'm pretty damn honest about who I am on here.

“please let this comment go through...all your lukers, commentors have a right to see my comment about you...also your friends are my friends...i blog to the same people you do and they like me, lies and all...i once said that i was a you believe me visit my blog and see how much you believe”

The only reason I have my comments moderated is to prevent spam from making it to my comments. That's the only reason. My Mom always said that if you're going to put something into print you should be ready to accept the repercussions for it. That being said, if you think I'm a dirty liar, don't read my blog. Pretty simple, yeah?

So to you, my medblog readers... Let me put this up for discussion.

When you post about a patient interaction, be it an EMS run, a Dialysis patient, and ER story... How much do you change? How much is too much?


JS said...

What is these guys problem? My blog represents its self as fictional stories of a firefighter emt. However the only fiction in it is to protect my patients and other people involved. What your reader might not understand is every story has at least 2 sides. Why would you lie? why would any of us lie? What is this guys problem? Oh well, I guess the world needs assholes. JS

Hammer said...

typical troll. They don't even deserve a blogpost. I just delete their comments and pretend they didn't happen.

This type of behavior is infuriating but best ignored.

Anonymous said...

I'll be completely honest, one han not *honestly* write a medblog. We'd put our livelyhood, HIPPA standards and the risk of exposing ourselves to the public more then we wish too if we told the absolute truth.

Not telling the name of the hospital, what company you work for or even where you lived is up to your discretion.

This guy is just a total asshat and frankly needs to get a live, how does he know what he says you are lying about?

Sorry Epi

Epijunky said...

JS and Hammer...

After a brief conversation with someone who knows better than I do, I realize he's just a pain in the ass.

I didn't want to be called out for censoring his voice.

That and I HATE being called a liar.

Medicmarch. said...

A) This putz fella/fellaette is a douche.

B)Honestly, I think the only person who truly can identify everything in my blog is me. MAYBE someone who works with me can identify themselves or a paticular call. I think it rather unlikely that anyone could figure out the whole thing without an explanation.

Of course, now that I've said that I'm sure I'll get called in tomorrow and be fired for criticizing me superiors online.

Fucking internet.


Evil Transport Lady said...

LOL........Just don't talk about reading smut! I learned MY lesson;) As for HIPPA, I to will have to change things if I write about work, that's just the way it is. Privacy and all.

/bangs head on desk

Jeff B said...

When you post about a patient interaction, be it an EMS run, a Dialysis patient, and ER story... How much do you change?

As much as I want. I'm writing to express a point, concept, feeling, belief, idea, or thought. I'm not writing for historical accuracy, nor is this a term paper that needs footnotes and cross references.

Write the story the way you want to write the story. Don't change the way you write because one person didn't like it.

Medic61 said...

Oh god.

That's super dumb. I change names, dates, often locations, and ages for the most part. If it's a particularly tricky case, I'll change a few more things. Sometimes I leave out partners who were there, or things I did/said.
But for the most part...I just write what I see.

Also, I'm sure putz IS a hunk. I mean, come on.


Ninja Medic said...

Putz is a troll, plain and simple. S/he has nothing better to do with her/his time than find fault with other people in order to make her/himself feel better about their pathetic existence.

To answer your question: yes, I change details when I write about patients I've dealt with. I HAVE to, as you know. The meat of the story is accurate, but the rest of it has been changed so that unless you were actually at the event or involved in the situation, you'd never know who or what I'm talking about.

Hahahahahah @ Putz claiming to be an 'auther', btw. That's hilarious.

Fyremandoug said...

Tell PUTZ that Douche baggery it Illegal no mater where you go

we juggle the HIPPA razor carefully
it hurts to get sliced by it

write how you have to and we will open a 2 1/2" blitz line on the troll fucks

Brick City Medic said...

What a dolt. He's probably some teenage geek who has no life and is stuck sitting at home looking at well, ya know.

Enigma said...

While I can usually pontificate ad infinitum, let me just make this brief point: Take with a grain of salt anything by anyone who calls themselves "PUTZ." That's all I've got.

George said...

Let me echo enigma. Putz' ID name was well chosen.

I'm not a medblogger ... so I can't comment on your question but presumably any adult would know that some data will be changed. Don't flay yourself (I can't remember the Scots' version.)

Fyremandoug said...

Did any one wait a moment of there life and check out PUTZ's blog....dont waist your time


bobball said...

1- He's apparently called "putz" for a reason.

2- You're somewhere in the general Ohio area, IIRC. While that area is plenty cool, I don't know of anyone who would lie about being there...Monte Carlo, maybe, get my point.

3- When I write something regarding a real case, often the only thing that's left "real" is the issue at hand. I'm writing to make a point, not to create history. I'm probably the only one left who knows exactly what call I'm talking about (except the summer of partner would remember that too...he was there, laughing as hard as me...but never in front of the patients...except one guy...but that's for another story).

You do a great job on your blog. Don't take crap like that from Putz. And yes...kudos to you for calling him out.


Detail Medic said...

I believe that the only reason Putz commented the way he did was to draw attention to himself. I'm not going to patronize (look it up Putz - it's obvious you aren't a master of the Emglish language) his site, so his words were wasted on me.

Epi, we love you. Don't put up with the Putzs of the world. They're attention whores. I'm sure he was delighted to see a whole post dedicated to him. I'd delete it if I were you and forget he exists.

Camryan said...


Forget that jackass and keep doing what you are doing! Its obvious that you a talented, caring person who can tread that fine line known as the HIPPA pain in tail! And everyone else is right- this jackass is just after some attention and jealous that he or she can't care for everyone the way you do and WRITE as well as you do!

Hang in there!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely abstract all students and most family members. It's just polite and well as respectful of privacy.

Also, I have to respect FERPA.

Fuck putz in the ear.

Doug said...

You're just giving him the attention s/he is so craving. Ignore it and maybe it will crawl back under the rock it scurried out from under.