Five Steps? Is that all???

The pager says "5 steps".

Five steps? With a patient who weights over 400 pounds? Who can't sit upright in a stair chair? With a stretcher on a day when I *did NOT* have my Wheaties?

No wonder my back is killing me.

Just sayin'.


Carol said...

Might as well been a mile uphill. Take care of your back. I know too well the long term effects of "5 steps." I have no discs in the lumbar portion, can't life more than 20 pounds without almost crying.

And all because of "5 steps."

Be careful.

Anonymous said...

You know you can always get a job as a dialysis tech, we aren't allowed to transfer, we get paid more and they pay for you training, but then again, we don't get to ride around in Ambulances with hot EMTs...just sayin.

Hammer said...

I can't think of anything more challenging than what you do.