Hey... look... it's a gerbil....

And it's running my internet connection. :)

I'm staying with my Mom for awhile... She just happens to be my own personal equivalent of the Unabomber.

Yes, it's that bad.

She's basically running the same computer we bought together over ten years ago. And she's on dial up. Kiddies... that's a connection to your phone line... about 56k.

Here's how the last hour went.

Boot up: 10 minutes.

Click on Internet Explorer: 2 minutes.

Time it takes to connect: 3 minutes.

Basically I type out what I want to do and walk away for several minutes while the gerbil in my Mom's computer works himself into a cardiac fit.

Expect posting for the next few days to be extremely light.


Evil Lunch Lady said...

Staying with mom?? I hope it's for a good reason and not a bad one.

Laura said...

Yes, me, too!!! Mama time is good for the soul, though! :o) At least, mine is!

As for old computers...my mom has a 1983 computer that is running windows '93. Also on dial up. I feel your pain!

Enjoy your mama time!