Take a step back...

Look closely.

You're sure you know me. You have me pegged, right? You're so confident that you don't doubt for a second you know exactly who and what I am. You've watched me intently, picking me apart. Studying me.

You might think that:

I'm a Mom.
I'm a stress case.
I'm an EMT.
I'm a hypochondriac.
I'm the keeper of the Cheerios and soother of owwie's.
I'm a photographer.
I'm a bitch.
I'm a sweetheart.
I'm a nail biter, literally and figuratively.
I'm a horrible driver.
I'm confident.
I'm a nervous wreck.
I'm the killer of all things green.
I'm hypercritical.
I'm very laid back.
I'm too cautious.
I'm entirely too impulsive.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

Some of us spend so much time focusing on one aspect of a person that we forget to take a step back. People are more than just the sum of their parts. I'm no different. I hope you see that.

When you analyze someone so closely it's easy to miss the big picture.


Chris said...

Amazing post!

You are who you are - all that's important is working out who that is, for yourself!

Putz said...

i make up stuff too..i go on trips i really don't go on and then blog about them and people think i did, and comment back to me on the trip i didn't take...that is called a lie sweetheart...so you lie also....i once told a person i was ooogled by jessica simpson...no i never was but if you go to my bloogg back in 2006 when i first started to blog i said that and my make believe daughterinlaw blogged back that she thought that was neat..all a lie...so you lie also...i called it creative expression because i am a writer and i have the RIGHT to do that....what is your excuse for fibbing about hospitals, things you are, towns lived in etc etc etc?????creative license...are you an auther also??????please let this comment go through...all your lukers, commentors have a right to see my comment about you...also your friends are my friends...i blog to the same people you do and they like me, lies and all...i once said that i was a hunk....do you believe me visit my blog and see how much you believe

Michael said...

at Putz... WTH?

Medic61 said...

What a beautiful post, Epi. This made my day :)

Ninja Medic said...

Jealous much, Putz?


Enigma said...

Great post Epi. Too many people DO miss the big picture!

Kerwood said...

Yes it is. Great Post, thanks Epi