The Captain (Sunday, September 10, 2006)

So we get a call about 0230. Neither one of us is mentally awake. We roll up on the scene and see several cop cars.

This is NEVER a good sign. The only time we see cop cars on our runs is if there's a car accident or a fight.

I walk into the house and I see *drumroll please* the cops from the run we had at the yacht club where the patient required five people to restrain him.

Hellllooooo Blondie.

Anyway, this patient was suicidal. And of course I'm bleary eyed and they're my patient.
This patient cries much of the way to the hospital... I felt bad for them. They were definitely going through a rough time.

We get to the hospital and Pseudo Dad opens the back doors of the rig to help me get the patient out.

The patient takes one look at Pseudo Dad and blurts out, "You look like Captain Kangaroo."

PD's response: "That's okay, he was my hero when I was little."

I lost it. I giggled the rest of the night and the entire walk out to our cars this morning.
I'm seriously considering referring to Pseudo Dad as "The Captain" for at least the near future.
For the record, he looks NOTHING like Captain Kangaroo.

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