Lay off the SMITE button already, m'kay? (Originally posted 7-4-06)

Okay, as if to prove my point, I just somehow deleted my entire last entry, just as I was about to finish it.

Dear God,

I realize that I haven't been to church in a while...

Okay, a long while. A very very long time in fact.

But I’m trying to live my life the right way. I gave change to some homeless guy outside of 7-11 tonight, in the middle of a torrential downpour, no less. And I'm usually the girl who pretends that she didn't hear the homeless guy outside of the 7-11... even if it's sunny and 80 degrees out. I volunteer. I donate what I can.

I raise my children the way I was raised... Or I try to. I try to do the right thing... I'm an EMT for cryin' out loud... I make absolute crap for wages. I could make more working at a carryout (the hours would be much better too!). I do it because I like to take care of people. Plain and simple.

My point is, I'm a good girl. Really, I am.

Why do you hate me? Why are you dumping what seems like an entire cities worth of sewer water on my FUCKING BASEMENT? I'm sorry to use such vulgar language but... GOOD GOD in HEAVEN... Twice in one week with the flooded basement? It's like you're saying "let's see what she has left after the first flood and RUIN it by dumping some more shit water in her basement. That's what she get's for having a few beers and driving home in a downpour."


Mr. EpiJunky is referring to our one basement drain as the "Bowel of HELL".

I have shopvac'd until my back gave out, and now Mr. EpiJunky taking his turn. I'm sitting here drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette... YES I'm SMOKING A FRICKING CIGARETTE for those of you family members who are reading... I'll quit again tomorrow.

Okay, Mr. EpiJunky is talking me down off the ledge. It could be worse. There were people a few blocks away that actually LOST THEIR HOMES. So in that respect I'm being a bit dramatic. I am a drama queen at times. We just can’t afford to have this house that we just bought a year ago, fall in on itself.

Okay, I'm calmer now. I've had a few beers, and I'm not floating on a raft in my basement, so I'm doing okay...True, I'm probably going to lose my sense of smell for the next week because I’ve got to BLEACH MY BASEMENT AGAIN, but... *breathes in, breathes out* I'm calm. I'm calm.... I'm fucking calm...

And God??? I apologize for accusing you of smiting me... Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. Yet again.

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