Mosquito Bites? (Originally posted 6-4-06)

The last week has been pretty slow at The Closet. Now that I said that I'm sure the next few weeks will be absolute insanity.

Now last Friday, that was an exception. To get the whole story out, I have to back up a little.
Last week I had a dream, a nightmare really, that Pseudo Dad and I were working out of Very Inner City Station and that we were getting shot at. Woke up in a cold sweat, heart racing... Wow. Didn't really want to go back to sleep after that.

The next night I get to work and my partner finds out he has a pager waiting for him at the main station of the Little Private Service. Excellent. We've been waiting for these pagers for over a month, so we hop in the rig and head down. We knew that if we were heading that way we'd probably end up picking up a run.

We did. No big shock there.

Then we get asked to go post at Very Inner City Station. I had told Pseudo Dad about my dream the night before. He looks at me and starts with this nervous kind of laugh. "If I hear gunshots, you're getting out first" He said. Thanks :)

We sit at the station for awhile, then it starts to pour. I don't have my sweatshirt or my coat with me, so naturally, we get another call. Car accident. I took that one. The patient was pretty upset, but physically okay. She was boarded and collared and delivered safely to the ER.

I didn't even get time to finish my paperwork when we got another county run. I drove. Here's all I have to say about this... Kids should not be inhaling fumes from various household items. Mom's oblivious. For God's sake. The kid couldn't even stay on his feet. And I loved his explanation. Mosquito bites. I call BS.

The rest of the night was a mix of paperwork, runs, rig check, and exhaustion. Passed out in the recliner around four am, alarm went off three hours later.

Wow... I just reread what I've typed and I can't believe how boring it is. My apologies. :) Boring is better than something horrific happening. Like actually getting shot at and having to use Pseudo Dad as a human shield :)

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