The Pimple. (Originally Posted September, 2006)

*takes a deep breath*

Please, friends and neighbors, for the LOVE of GOD...

Do NOT call 911 because you popped a pimple and it wont stop bleeding.

Slap a bandaid on it. Try a little pressure.

When we arrived on the scene, (Code 3 by the way -- but that's for another blog.) the firefighters were laughing outside of the apartment.

Long story short, a 12 year old popped a pimple on his arm. It was bleeding. His mother was worried and called 911. The City Fire Department slapped a dressing on it and wrapped it in kling. Yes, they still want to have him seen at St. Moneybags ER. One of the firefighters remarked that the Mother believed the pimple was attached to a vein.

I had to stiffle a little giggle at this point. Then again, who am I to judge? If they want a 600 dollar taxi ride to the ER, I'll drive 'em.

On the way to the ER Pseudo Dad has to give one of the most hysterical Medical Reports ever given. He's trying to relay to the ER staff that the patient's Mother believed the pimple was attached to a vein. He accidentally says "artery" and corrects himself. Apparently the ER missed that.

When we arrive at the ER they direct us to the trauma room. The resident wants to know where the "arterial bleed" is.

Oh Jesus.

After a quick report the ER staff redirects us to a small private room.

All I can do is shake my head.

I did get to see the pimple after the nurse took off the kling... No sign of bleeding whatsoever. The only blood we can see is what can only be described as a pin-head sized dot on the dressing.

Another life saved.

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