There's a first time for everything...

And here's my first post.

I'm in the process of moving my blog from another unmentionable site to here.

A little setup might be in order.

When the Future Cardiologist (my seven year old son) was just 14 months old, he put something in his mouth and tried to swallow it. It didn't go well. He put his hands up to his throat in that classic "HEEEEEY! I'm CHOKING here" sign and let's just say, Epijunky freaked the hell out. I called 911, and wracked my brain trying to remember what I was supposed to do. I did a horrible version of the heimlich maneuver (Thank GOD that little one's ribs are soft and I didn't break anything) which did absolutely no good.

Within 2 minutes, the calvary, my heroes, the Fire Department arrived. Future Cardiologist was actually moving some air the entire time thank God, and he started crying shortly after I attempted to break his ribs. The Paramedics reassured me that he was fine, he was crying, and that my son wasn't going to die. I elevated them to Sainthood.

I promised myself that I'd never allow something like that to happen again. I learned first aid in the Girl Scouts waaaay back in the day (Even got a patch!). I decided that I really did want to become an EMT.

Unfortunately it took me three years to talk myself into enrolling in the course. I had a somewhat inflated version of what an EMT did. I remember telling my baby brother (The Responsible One), of my plans...

Epi Junky: Hey, so I'm going to take that EMT course after all...
Responsible One: You really think you can handle sticking your finger in someone's bullet hole to stop the bleeding?
Epi Junky: *Gasp* What in the hell did I get myself in to.
Responsible One: Yeah, that's what I'm wondering. You realize you have two kids and a husband, right?
Epi Junky: I'm doing it FOR them.

I learned pretty quickly I wasn't going to be sticking my finger in any bullet holes. I learned my life as an EMT-Basic would consist of a lot of late nights, early morning dialysis transfers, and the occasional fun 911 (County) run.

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