Trauma Scenario

I need to come up with a Trauma Scenario that will knock my I/C off of his throne. I need something goooooood. I need injuries, vital signs, symptoms, dialogue, treatment, the whole nine yards.

I was given the following to build on:

26 year old suicidal female jumps off of a bridge (approximately 30 foot drop). She lands on her feet and falls to her back She then crawls up the embankment where she's found. She is Alert and Oriented X3 and adamant that she does not want to go to the hospital. She has fractures to her lower legs, and no sensation below her waist. She is calm and not anxious.

OOooh, this could be fun :)

Any contributions would be appreciated as well.

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Anonymous said...

looks around for witnesses
finds big maglite
starts paperwork for unconscious female with leg injuries and probable concussion