Moments. Why I LOVE photography. (Photos of the day)

I recently found this in my draft folder, I'm not sure if it was ever posted, or why it's in there, but I thought I'd put it back up. -- Epi

I've been asked quite a bit recently why I have my camera with me at all times. Here's why. Some of my favorite moments:

The Moment my Step Dad proposed to my Mom (1994)

The moment I fell in love with my first child.
(Future Cardiologist, 2000)

The moment I realized how exhausting Parenting can be.
(FC and I again, 2000)

The Moment I realized that when I yell loud enough people listen.
(That's a reporter in a what was the beginning of a sinkhole in my front yard. 2004)

The moment I realized that I know more than I give myself credit for.
(I won a years tuition at a local college for winning a trivia contest 2004)

The moment my Son met his baby Sister
(April 2005)

The last time I felt close to God. I'm working on it.
(She Who Rules Christening, 2005)


Evil Transport Lady said...

Great pics! Keep doing what you are doing:)

Laura said...

Excellent pics! :o)

Greybeard said...

You and me... in the same boat about our faith. Right now I'm equating organized religion with any other big business.
Politics and religion...
I get myself in deep doo-doo with both.