Further proof of my geekiness....

I was digging through some old pictures for the Breda/Jay meme when I came across this gem.

When I'm working EMS I don't carry a huge amount of crap on me.

Hell, I don't even have a Star of Life on my car. (although I might have a certain tattoo on my ankle...)

But I do have a Lifeflight Sticker. So yeah. I'm a geek like that ;)

"You were in the Army, right? The Flight Doc was laughing at me. I wasn't shocked considering the expression on my face when the helicopter first took off. Now he was armed with a camera, and he knew I was geeked. VERY geeked.

"Yes Sir, I was."

"Well Soldier, Parade REST."

Oh Holy Hell. Seriously?

Yes Sir.


Anonymous said...

Girl, I thought of you yesterday, I was walkin the streets of Seattle before work and I had stopped to get some coffee. I walk out and two big ole fire trucks pull up and out jump a dozen or so beautiful firemen in full turn-out gear...the first thing I thought...Epi would love this.

I wish I had my camera, oh and I spotted a pink and white ambulance in honor of breast cancer awareness...It was a pretty pink ambulance!

Evil Transport Lady said...

So Cool!!!!!!!!!

Fyremandoug said...

Hey Epi ...say what you want to But I think your Hot, Im road trippin' to Boise ID tonight to get my Engine

Greybeard said...

40+ years I have been within arms reach of these machines.
I still stop and watch EVERY SINGLE TIME one takes off.
I guess that puts me in the "Old Geek" category, huh?
Thanks for reinforcing something I've known for years.

Epijunky said...

Hey Doug! I'm so excited that you're finally going to get your Engine!!! We better get some pictures!

Greybeard, the one flight I got to ride along for was something I will NEVER forget. It was AMAZING. I live about five minutes from Lifeflight's main station and I get to see them take off and land quite a bit. I can't imagine it EVER getting old :)

Kristen said...

As many times as I have seen Flight take off, it still makes me all jittery inside. It is just COOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Did the flight medic thing during Hurricanes Floyd and Andrew when I worked for the federal govt on a DMAT unit. Every time we got in the damn things I was still geeked. Still love to watch em. Nothing to be ashamed of! asthepumpturns-a pink Ambulance??? HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!

emily said...

Epi! How beautiful!

Oh, and you look great too!


Think 'ride along with emily' this spring!

Epijunky said...

Emily I'm going to start counting down the days. :)

Lifeflight makes me look gooood :)