A little motivation for you...

Rev Medic over at EMS Haiku has been creating some beautiful works of art in the form of EMS related motivational posters... The one today on SSM is one of my favorites. Go check him out.

The SSM poster

Got Posters?

On My Mind

Got Motivation?

There's more, but that's a good start :)


RevMedic said...

A Good Start? I've got more than 50 of them, I'm starting to run dangerously low on Creative Juices, and it's 'A Good Start'???
Good god, woman!

Epijunky said...

Uhm, what I *meant* was that I was just getting them started and that you had MORE on your blog :P


RevMedic said...


Well, er, uhm.

Carry on then.

And thanks for the mention!

Laura said...

AWESOME posters!! Even as a non-medic, I found them hilarious!

(maybe I've been hanging around you all too long, huh?)

just kidding!