365 Project - Day 47

The one on the left is my unofficially adopted third child. My son's (the one on the right for those keeping score) best friend. He has a very sad story, and I can't help but take him in whenever possible. If his mother would allow me to have him over even more I would. Hell, I'd adopt him.

You know that saying that goes "No matter how badly you have it, someone else has it worse?" It's true, he's proof.

And you would never know it by talking to him. He's one of the most grateful, loving children I've ever met.


Evil Transport Lady said...

Keep doing what you are doing! He'll grow up knowing somebody gave a hoot about him. AND he'll learn how normal, healthy people act. I've done the same thing, I used to joke that our house was the local "safe haven". A place where anybody is welcome to come when they need help.

Anonymous said...

Epi, girl you got a good heart. That boy will remember you and your family for years to come!! You probably are the most stable thing in his life! Good job!

P.s. they look like they could be brothers! How cute is that?