365 Project with a splash of fall color.

So we came, we saw, we conquered.

And I did it with my damn camera set to the absolute incorrect ISO. But that's another post for another day.

The colors were gorgeous.

If there's one thing that I love about the city of Toledo it's the Metroparks. All free.

So we set out, passing the trailhead and choosing the shortest trail considering the attention spans of a three year old, and eight year old and a nine year old.

Wildwood Metropark is a nature preserve in Toledo near the Toledo - Sylvania border. Previously it was the family estate of the Stranahan's, who created Champion Sparkplug. Apparently they made quite a bit of cash off of that little plug. They were a supplier to Willy's Overland (Jeep) and the Ford plant just up the road in Detroit.

The Metropark is close to 500 acres of ravine and woods, with the Manor house, the Stranahan home for thirty years, located in the middle. The original stables and poolhouse also still stand. The Manor house is a beautiful mansion that is a popular destination for quite a few local photographers shooting engagement and family photos, and the scene for many outdoor weddings. As a matter of fact, I shot my baby brother's engagement photos here last year.

Baby Brother, The Responsible One, and his fiancee at the time (now obviously my SIL)

And one more. They were so stinkin' cute. Yes, I'm available for work. Any work. I'll check bags at the door of the local Walmart, in fact.

Clearly this is a popular spot for photographers. The kiddies, however... were getting restless.

They weren't interested in posing for pictures. It was all about the leaves.

And finally I surrender my camera. I guess sometimes even the photographer needs to be on the other side of the lens.

"Hey, Epi?"


"Smile like I'm a guy in a flightsuit under some turnout gear!"

And then we saw it. That's a nice sized hive, and I don't have an EpiPen handy. (Aren't all the bees dead yet????) We decided it was time to head out.

But the colors... They were amazing.

Just amazing.


Evil Transport Lady said...

I love the pictures! You should have them enlagred and framed!

And keep your eyes open;)

Sandi McBride said...

What beautiful pictures...wonder how they would have turned out had you put the camera on the correct setting? Makes me wonder if there's something I've been doing wrong with my camera all these years!
Found you at David's...give Joe my regards and well wishes.

Christy said...

love the pictures, esp. the one of you imagining the guy in a flightsuit ;]

your daughter looks just like you.

Laura said...

Gorgeous pics, Epi!