Made of Win :)

I'm tall, folks. I'm really tall.

It's hard to find jeans (or any long pants) that are long enough when you're 6'1". My daughter will inherit this nightmare, unfortunately. So when you come across a pair that fit properly in the right spots and that are long enough, you wear them. And you wear them some more.

Courtesy of my Gastric Bypass, I lost a good amount of weight while pregnant with She Who Rules. I wasn't trying to lose weight, on the contrary. I ate and ate and ate. And kept dropping the weight. It was during this time that I found a pair of jeans in a size I hadn't worn in years. And they weren't even maternity jeans. I wore them. I wore them a lot. Unfortunately after she was born I continued to eat like I was pregnant, and put some weight back on. Not the entire 40 pounds that I had dropped over nine months, but more than half that. Those jeans I loved went back into the closet.

I was not pleased.

I worked on my eating habits... I worked out... I got a job that involved moving my ass. (And yes, I subsequently quit that job... I regret it every day.)

Here's where I'm made of win, because the more I work on this post the harder it is to believe that I'm associating those words with me.

Since my scale is finally working again (batteries are a good thing when you have a scale with an LCD screen), I can tell you that I've dropped 41 pounds since March of this year.

I've achieved the weight I was, the day I delivered my daughter.

(Yes, I know how odd that sounds when you read it, but trust me, it's an accomplishment.)


Bernice said...

*high five*


Laura said...

That's awesome, Epi!!!


:o) Laura

MedicMatthew said...


Uh, think we can make some of that win rub off on me? Notice I haven't posted a Wednesday Weigh-In in a while..... :-\

EMS Chick said...

Great job! That takes a lot of hard work

Ambulance Mommy said...

that's AWESOME!!! Good for you Epi!!!

Greybeard said...

It truly is awesome, provided you aren't ignoring/denying something causing the weight loss.
Wonderful... provided you can stabilize and maintain!

Epijunky said...

Thank you all for being so supportive :)

And Greybeard, I dont know how I missed your email, but I just found it... I'll be writing tonight with a few questions.

Anonymous said...

BIG accomplishment!!!!! YAY EPI!!!! I've lost 68lbs in the 20 months since I had Katie. Needing to lose the other 40 and I'll be good. It's so damn hard. Keep up the good work!