Dear Family Member,

Thank you for thinking of She Who Rules and I when you signed me up for that American Girl catalog. We really appreciate it. She wants approximately $3500 worth of dolls, outfits, and random accessories.

And a pony. But that's another post entirely.

I'm sure I can count on you to chip in come Christmas time :)



Anonymous said...

Uhhh...yeah. Ours came in the mail today too. And our fantasy tab is about that much. Last year, the Diva couldn't understand why I just laughed when she told me what all the stuff she "really wanted" added up to.
And today, she just about popped something when she saw "ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh there's a volleyball player!!!!!!!!!"
(Whatever happened to plain old cheap dolls like we used to play with??)

Ambulance Mommy said...

hahah!!! This is sooo true. but not for my son, for my HUSBAND!!! He gets the catalouges out, and decides he wants to buy the baby every toy in there!!!!

ooh, and remember when instead of American Girls, it was Cabbage Patch Dolls?

Epijunky said...

Erica :) We've got a bunch of the cheap dolls too. She even plays with some of my older dolls!

Ambulance Mommy, Lord girl, do I EVER remember the Cabbage Patch Kids. I had three of them. The first year they came out my poor Mother waited in line for four hours to get one.