I need a gun. No, not for that.

Okay, so I *want* a gun.

Or need one. Depending on who you ask.

Protection for myself and the kiddos. That's all I want. And despite what my former partner says, I'm not a horrible shot. Really I'm not. And I'm already enrolled in a class. (Thanks former partner :))

I'm asking from the position of someone with not a whole lot of cash to spend. That being said, I have some friends who are willing to donate to the cause... So think $300.00 or so. For a handgun.

What do I need to protect myself??? In addition to a CCL.

And clearly, a weapon.


Carol said...

It depends a lot on how large a caliber you want/need.

For many years I carried a Charter Arms Undercover - .38 caliber with a 2 inch barrel. Double action revolver.

Then I switched to a Colt 1911A - .45 cal. semi-auto. Had a little work done to it for smoother ejection and a lighter trigger. You might not want to do that if you have any kind of a jumpy personality.

I'd go back to the Charter Arms in a minute though. It was reliable, accurate and lightweight.

Sgt. Haire said...

Like the poster above said it depends on what caliber you want the weapon to be. Before you buy anything go and shoot different calibers pistols, find out what you feel comfortable shooting. Go to a gun shop and hold different weapons, find one you feel comfortable with, and then shoot it.

All that being said my preference is a .45acp round from a 1911. With all the sand and extreme temperature changes it's been exposed to it has never had any problems.

I hope that helps. Basically find something you feel comfortable shooting, and practice with it. Learn to shoot center mass and get your groups nice and tight.

lucy said...

Epi...the best thing you can do is not to take the advice of anyone about choosing a firearm. Choosing a firearm is like choosing a bra...it is not a one size fits all!

Go to range where you can rent or use a variety of different handguns and see what 'fits' YOU best. What YOU are most comfortable with.

If the class you are taking is worth anything and you have good instructors, you will learn most of what you need to know skill wise. The next thing you need to do is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Practice your skills, practice your mindset.

Having a CCL does not make you any different today than you were yesterday. It is a piece of paper. Having a gun does not make you any stronger unless you KNOW you can pull that trigger.

The piece of paper makes you legal. It is the skill and the mindset that make you stronger. Together both can save your life.

Good luck...if I can help let me know.

Epijunky said...

Carol, Sgt. Haire and Lucy:

Thanks so much for the comments. You've given me somethings to think about.

Jay G said...

How in the name of all that's good and wholesome did I miss this request???

Epi, there's a lot of questions that come with your original question.

What's the primary use of this handgun? Is it something you want to carry? Something to keep in the house? A little of both?

Short answer is that there are many quality firearms available in your price range. A good used Smith & Wesson revolver will do quite well for home defense, and you can pick them up well in your price range.

Excellent advice, too, for you to find a range that rents firearms and try them out before you buy. The gun that looks perfect in the gun shop display case might kick too hard, or bite you in unexpected places...

Lots of choices out there, though. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you've got more questions - I love this stuff, and I will ramble for PAGES if'n you let me... :)

Xavier said...

I'd like to point you to this website, dedicated to providingknowledgeable help by women for women on the issues of firearms, CCW and self protection.

If you contact kathy via email, she will answer as well. You will find no better resource.

The Cornered Cat

Oh, and i love the blog.........

Rustmeister said...

Cornerd Cat, definitely.

As to my suggestion, I'll keep it simple.

Get a used Smith & Wesson .38 caliber revolver.