The death of a michigan fan.

Well, a little bit of my soul died today anyway...

On one hand it's cool that the first MAC team in history to ever beat Michigan would be Toledo, but at the same time...

TOLEDO beat Effin' Michigan? I mean COME ON... Toledo? SERIOUSLY?

Toledo. The team that lost to Florida International? (Who the hell is Florida International, btw? Other than the team that beat Toledo, who happens to be the team that beat Michigan???)

And for you SEC fans, and I know who you are... Shush. Seriously. Shush.

I'm done.

As promised (minus the live blog, which just couldn't work given the location of the bonfire), here I am, burning my favorite sweatshirt. Because the fumes and the flames from burning all of my Michigan gear would have necessitated a call to Toledo's finest. Rest assured I won't be wearing it soon.

If ever. Toledo? Seriously?

I'd rather cheer for OSU.

And for the Anon poster on my last post... here ya go.

Yes, that was my favorite sweatshirt. It was one of those sweatshirts that was broken in, you know what I mean... The one you could slip in to and just take a nice long nap. Kind of like what Michigan did today against Toledo.

As I mentioned it was well broken in. It wasn't difficult to shred it. No, wasn't drinking or under the influence of any illicit substance.

"What if the fumes from all of your shit kills us when we burn it? I mean the paint alone on all of those Mardi Gras beads will earn us a visit from TFD. You don't want to risk having to be transported by the Evil Green Empire, do you?"


"The sweatshirt. The hoodie. You have to burn the hoodie."

One more for my homies ;)


Anonymous said...

There's always next year?

Is that makeup running down your face in that one picture?

Epijunky said...

That's 25 years of memories. Not mascara.

Okay, it's mascara and eyeliner. I can't lie.