Thank you Step Dad

My Step Dad is the Chief Videographer for a local television station, and as such he gets to cover all kinds of news events that happen in the area.

Today, Sarah Palin was in NW Ohio.

I wish that my next lines were about how I got to meet her, or how he got to meet her, or how I scored something really cool from the rally, or that I even got to go to the rally.

No, Nope, Nada, Negative.

He is, apparently, SO important that he can pick and choose which events he covers and delegate the less desirable stories to his underlings. Lucky bastard.

So instead of covering the rally, he chose to go to the Whitehouse Corn Maze.

Surely you've heard of the Whitehouse Corn Maze... Every year they pick a patriotic theme... This year... Sarah Palin's likeness.

And my Step Dad thought of me. The sole Republican in the family. The black sheep and red-headed step child (literally). He scored me a tshirt.

Thank you, Step Dad.

You rock.

And so does Sarah. Even in Corn Maze form.

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