365 Project - Day 46

I'm always learning more about photography, about composition, about the rule of three's, about subject, and white balance and aperture and shutter speed and iso, and all the other things you think about when trying to compose something.

Then someone else takes your camera. Someone with no experience. Someone just seeing something they think is beautiful. So they pick up the camera and press the shutter button.

And they catch love. They also catch a three year old cutting off her Mother's trachea, but ultimately, they capture a moment in time, where the only emotions present were love and total joy. Something I've worked so hard to do for so many years.

And he did it with one click of the shutter.

It's not perfect. I would have shot it differently, but at the same time, I think it's perfect.

I think maybe I have something to learn.


Anonymous said...

that's an awesome picture!

Greybeard said...

I disagree with NOTHING you've said, BUT-
It falls back on the old "10,000 Chimpanzees with typewriters" tale... give them enough time and they'll eventually write the complete works of Shakespeare.

Like you, my son dabbles in photography. We can be together on an outing, both of us clicking the shutter. His photo will be better.
He sees things I cannot see. He knows how to point the camera, what needs to be the "focus" of the picture. He knows how far to zoom.
Sure, he has his fair share of misses. But frequently his photos take your breath away. Mine? Mostly they just record a moment in time, and that is okay, don't get me wrong.
You have a good eye, Epi.
It truly is an art form.
Pursue it.

Carol said...

Epi - the absolute best photos, IMO, are the ones without composition and all the 'fine points' of photography.

To capture the spontaneous outbursts of people, the emotions, and the smiles is a far bigger talent than all the settings, dials, adjustments and ISOs.

Cherish that photo. It will warm you heart for years to come.