Way more than you wanted to know...

Yes, I'm that bored.

In between cleaning up kiddo vomit and filling out job apps, I've decided to sit down and play for a bit.

I found this on Erica's blog, Blissful Entropy. Go check her out, good stuff!

(I hope you don't mind that I whittled it down a little bit, Erica, I have a short attention span at times ;))

Have I:

Gone on a blind date: A few, yes. That's a road I never plan to go down again.

Skipped school: I skipped more of my senior year than I should admit. One time Rachel and I skipped and headed up to Bedford thinking that we'd meet up with my boyfriend at the time. Little did we know that he was skipping his last class of the day.

Watched someone die: Yes. My Grandmother and countless patients.

Been to Canada: Yes. It's about 45 minutes up the road. My one bit of advice is to convert your money ASAP when you cross over.

Been on a plane: I have, but I'd rather drive. That whole falling out of the sky thing scares the crap out of me.

Been lost: Yes. And trust me when I say that Downtown Detroit by the Ambassador bridge is not a good place to be lost.

Been on the opposite side of the country: Yes. Seattle and California. Gorgeous country. I'd love to live there.

Swam in the ocean: I count myself fortunate enough to have almost drowned in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. GO me!

Had your booze taken away by the cops: I've not had booze taken away by the cops. But I have been taken away from booze by cops. If that makes sense. I did some stupid things in college.

Cried yourself to sleep: More than I care to admit.

Recently colored with crayons: As recently as yesterday. It really is excellent therapy.

Sang Karaoke: Not only have I sung karaoke... I own a karaoke setup complete with more than 10,000 songs.

Paid for a meal with coins only: I've paid for a few lunches off the dollar menu at McDonalds with quarters. That's what happens when you forget your purse at home and you need to eat.

Cheated on an exam: I've never cheated on an exam.

Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose: Yes. And it hurts when Beer comes out your nose. It really burns.

Caught a snowflake on your tongue: Yes.

Danced in the rain: Yes to dancing in the rain. Yes to kissing in the rain. And I didn't melt.

Written a letter to Santa Claus: Yup.

Been kissed under the mistletoe: I have.

Watched the sunrise with someone you care about: Well I thought I cared about him at the time.

Been arrested: I plead the fifth.

Blown bubbles: Yup. The bottled kind, and also the snot kind, from laughing too hard after crying (Me too!!! - Epi)

Gone ice-skating: It's been awhile... One too many injuries to my ankle. I'm one rolled ankle away from surgery.

Been skinny dipping outdoors: I have, actually. Way too much fun.

Favorite drink? Diet Pepsi or coffee

Tattoos? Three.

Piercings? Right now just my ears. Not so long ago my tongue was pierced.

How much do you love your job? When I'm in my element there's nothing I'd rather do.

Birthplace? Toledo, Ohio

Favorite vacation spot? That's a tough one. Charleston, SC (as opposed to Charleston WV. I HATE Charleston WV.), Seattle, Nassau.

Ever been to Africa? no, but I have a friend who's there right now.

Ever been on TV? More than one person should be. That's what happens when you have family members who work for the local TV station. I've been in three commercials, and more news stories than I can count.

Ever been in a car accident? Uggggg. Yes. Two with Matt, One with the other Matt, one with my Mom, one with Ron where I mowed down a phone pole and took the power out to a few city blocks, one by myself, one with my son, and one that I can't talk about on here. Of those accidents, three were my fault.

Favorite movie? An Affair to Remember, Sweet Home Alabama, Annie, Shawshank Redemption. There's no way to narrow it to one.

Favorite holiday? Christmas. Hands down.

Favorite food? Steak baby. Make it bloody.

Favorite flower? White roses

Favorite smells? The smell of my daughter's hair right after I wash it. Fresh cut grass. The ocean. The apple orchard.

What do you do to relax? Read a good book, write, head outside with the camera.

How do you see yourself in 10 years? If I don't have that damn Medic badge by then I'll be a professional photographer.

Ever been given an engagement ring? Three times. I married one of them.

Longest relationship? Just short of ten years.

Last gift you received? Roses :)

Ever dropped a cell phone? About three million times give or take a million.

When’s the last time you worked out? Did the yoga tape this morning. That's two weeks straight folks :)

First thing you notice about the opposite sex?
If he's up close I notice his eyes (I'm a total sucker for blue or green eyes) and his smile. From a distance I notice how he carries himself.

One favorite song?
Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

Favorite mall store:
Depends on what I'm shopping for. Ritz Camera for anything photography related or Borders for my book addiction.

Longest job you’ve had:
I was a computer field technician for seven years prior to my career change.

Biggest lie you’ve ever heard:
(In response to "How much have you had to drink?" "Two or three."

Favorite place to eat with friends?
Blue Pacific or Mongolian BBQ up in Ann Arbor

Can you cook?
I can cook.

Best kiss:
The ones my kids give me.

Last time you cried?:
This morning. Kind of a rough morning.

Most disliked foods:
Liver. *wretch*

Thing you like most about yourself:
My sparkling personality and rapier wit. Pfft.

Thing you dislike most about yourself:
I'm an insomniac. And when I'm tired but can't sleep, and it's late my mind tends to run away on me.

Longest shift you’ve worked at a job?:
60 hours straight. I'll never do it again.

Can you sing?
Depends on who you ask. I don't think I'm all that great but some of my biased friends say I am.

Last concert you attended?
Rock on the Range this past summer.

Last movie rented:
Sex And The City

One thing you never leave the house without:
Car keys?

Laptop or Desktop?

Favorite comedian? Carlos Mencia. I LOVE Carlos Mencia.

Do long distance relationships work?:
They can work temporarily. I think it's pretty much impossible for anything to last long term though.

How many times have you been pulled over by the police??
Five or six times

How do you like your eggs?
Over easy with toast please :)

Number of pillows?:
Two, but one is seriously understuffed.

Can you play pool?:
Funny that you ask. When I attempt to play pool without fail at least one ball will fly off the table and land under some immovable object.

Favorite season?

Best thing about winter?
Snowmobiles and sledding

Name of your first pet?:
Lucifer the poodle.

March 31

What do you want to be?
I'm not sure I know anymore.

Smiling right now?:
Not really.

Do you miss somebody right now?
Very much so.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
Somewhere south of here.

Are you in high school?:
Not in the last 14 years.

Do you have a harmless crush on anyone?
Patrick Dempsey. But it's not completely harmless or a crush. He will be mine, oh yes, he will be mine.

Ever been on a cruise?:
Yes. Hopefully next year we'll be going on a Disney cruise too!

What jewelry are you wearing?
My watch, my power of pink bracelet and my livestrong bracelet.

What are you going to do after this questionnaire??
Go do something slightly more productive. Which could be anything.


tracy said...

Thanks soooo much Epi, i love learning things about people! And i loved learning these random things about you! Plus, i got to answer them to myself...!

take good care, tracy

Ambulance Mommy said...

oooh thanks Epi, gonna do this on my blog too!

Erica said...

Epi, et al.- glad you enjoyed this little exercise in time-wasting. But even gladder to see that I'm in good company as far as doing said time wasting! (And no, of course I don't mind the whittle - if I had any sense I'd have pared it down myself!) Thanks for the nod. ;-)