365 Project - Day 57

I truly believe that my 3-year-old is mischievous beyond her years.

Three years old.

She already knows that when Mommy is on the phone, either for five seconds or five minutes, it's the perfect time for her to sneak off to the bathroom and "make herself up".

At first it was just powder.

So I took my makeup bag and stashed it out of sight.

Next came the foundation incident. She found the makeup bag, (not so) strategically hidden in closet, and dumped an entire bottle out in the sink, but only after smearing what she could on her face.

I washed her face, and moved the makeup bag up to the cabinet above the sink. That was two weeks ago.

I thought I was in the clear. I mean she's my daughter so she's doomed to excessive height, but she's only three. She's certainly not tall enough to get into the medicine cabinet, right?

I was wrong. And while the picture I took was kinda cute and might make you think I snapped at her (all it takes is a sharp word from Mommy and the tears come) , the truth is, I was scared.

Not because she decorated herself with my lipstick, but because my three year old jumped up on the toilet, climbed up onto the sink, and got into the medicine cabinet. Where drugs are stored. Not just my makeup. All of them are in the proper script containers, childproof for crying out loud, but still. FC proved to me that he could open a rx bottle of ibuprofen at the age of four.

And she did all of this in the few minutes I spent on the phone talking to my Mom. Not ten minutes, hell, barely five if even.

From now on I don't talk on the phone unless it's a cordless.


Anonymous said...

The pic IS precious, but I completely understand. She can't open doors yet (she's 21 months) but I already have the doorknob thingys on and lock our bedroom door (source of meds and guns)when we're not in it. It's not your fault at all-they are so quick it's scary!!! I turned my back for one second one day and found my goddaughter (2 and a half) in my bedroom DESPITE the doorknob thingy. HEART ATTACK!!! It's been locked ever since.

Ambulance Mommy said...

Yeah, I hear you. Mine has found his way into a lot of scary heart stopping moments, and he's not even 2 yet.

We started keeping our meds in the kitchen, in the pantry where there are no counters underneath the cupboard, so there is nothing for him to climb up on to get to them. It's the same cabinent I keep my cleaning stuff in, but I did start using a lot of mostly vinegar and baking soda for cleaning, since he seems to still manage to chew on random things.

Hilary said...

Scary moments for sure.. but a darling photo. Child-proof locks really are helpful in thwarting they entry into such places. They're a bit of a pain to install, but entirely worth it. My older son never pushed those kinds of limits. My younger one had to be watched like a hawk.

Here from David's/Authorblog.

Sandi McBride said...

With me I found out that no one wanted to talk to dull old mom till she was on the telephone. NO ONE...then suddenly everyone was hanging on me wanting my attention if my phone was at my ear...ah, Motherhood...sweet post, Hilary!

Medic(three) said...

Despite the fact that I think obsessive childproofing is nuts, maybe it is time to invest in a good form of lock for the drugs...

When that fails buy a fire safe!

Anonymous said...

I remember it well, the needing eyes in the back of your head. My son badly burnt his hand helping me to set the table.He was four, l had just poured the hot water on the tea and the teapot was metal. He somehow reached up and put one hand on the handle and the other on the spout. How he managed it is a mystery but the miracle is that he did not drop it on his head but held it out in front of him whimpering 'mummy, mummy' Six weeks of daily dressings and scarred for life on the palm of his right hand, for a moment's inattention. Cordless phone is the answer.