A quick, but important followup to last night's gun post...

I would never blindly go make a purchase for something as personal and important as a firearm based solely on someone else's recommendation. Or even several someones.

I received a few emails overnight expressing some concern over this.

Don't worry folks, I'm fortunate enough to have two good friends who are trained instructors. And a few other close friends who are not instructors but are definitely extremely knowledgeable on the subject.

I should have made this clearer in my post.

What I was looking for were suggestions on where to start.

What caliber? Looking for a .45... It seems to be what I'm most comfortable with. I still have a good amount of rounds to let off before I'm sure.


lucy said...

Epi...no worries about you girl. You have more than two brain cells. It is the others who read this blog and want to 'pop a cap in someone's ass' I worry about! Not that anyone like that reads dear sweet Epi!

scalpel said...

I enjoy shooting my .45 more than shooting my .38, but I like carrying my .38 a LOT more.

You're going to end up carrying your gun a lot more than you are actually shooting it, and if it's too bulky/heavy/uncomfortable to carry, then you might decide to not carry it the one time that you need it.

My handguns.

Laura said...

I like my .38, but that's just my humble opinion...

I told my mom that I would NEVER br a foo-foo frilly girl. But then I saw a pink uzi with a Hello Kitty decal. I may be a foo-foo girl after all, cuz I want it!

Epi - I know you will choose what works best for you, girl!If you can't find what ya want, I'll let you borrow my Hello Kitty uzi!

:o) Laura