What is it about Walmart...

I went to Walmart today...

There were babies. EVERYWHERE.

Babies on their Mother's shoulder, complete with obligatory cloth diaper under their chin to catch the spit up.

Babies being held by their father's... rocking them to sleep.

Babies in baby carriers, slings, baby backpacks, you name it. Babies everywhere. Some screaming, some sleeping, some attempting to eat their feet, their fists...

I have two kids. I have NO biological clock. I threw that thing against the wall three plus years ago the last time real contractions hit me. Or was it when I realized that She Who Rules had colic. I'm not sure. Maybe it was all that in combination with getting rid of their baby clothes.

Either way I came home and cried for a little bit. I cried for the days when I'd sit and watch with awe as my little one discovered another one of life's mysteries. Like their hands.

All of that being said I think I'm going to avoid Walmart for awhile.

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Jeff Deutsch said...

Hello EpiJunky,

I'm very sorry. I know the decision not to have (more) children is a serious one and not exactly without its regrets. I have no doubt it can be triggered by things like seeing lots of babies.

As for why Wal-Mart attracts such families, my guess is that families with young children are trying to cut costs any way they can. Also, I suspect that the communities into which Wal-Mart locates have families with more young children.

Here's hoping you feel better soon!

Jeff Deutsch