You know what? I'm Joe too.

I'm pissed.

I'm pissed that at the last two jobs I've had my employers have paid me 8 bucks an hour and justified it by saying that we make our money on the overtime we work.

I'm pissed that in order to make enough money to support my family I had to work anywhere from 50-100 hours a week.

Here's what really pisses me off. Those weeks that I really put the hours in, because of a special event coming up, or to pay off a bill, or just to sock a little extra money in the savings account... I was rewarded by being bumped up into a higher tax bracket.

And then there's Joe.

This guy has been attacked by the media for one reason and one reason only. He was approached by the Golden Boy in front of cameras and dared to speak his mind. He wasn't disrespectful. He just asked a question.

They've attacked him because his name isn't really Joe. (It's his middle name. I happen to know more than a few people who go buy their middle names.)

They've attacked him because he had unpaid taxes. (Something tells me there's more than one Democrat out there with unpaid property taxes, just a hunch.)

They've attacked him because he doesn't have a plumber's license. (He's covered by the business he works for as far as that goes.)

They've attacked him simply for being a registered Republican when he claimed that he was trying to decide who to vote for. (I guess that being a registered voter to a particular party means you no longer get to use your brain to make a decision... Hrm.)

They've claimed that he's a plant for the Republican Party, and have even speculated that because he at one time lived in Alaska he has a connection to Sarah Palin. (This one makes the least sense to me. Honestly.)

Can you imagine if he admitted to owning guns or being pro-life? They'd be burning him in effigy.


This is Jen said...

I am sooooo Joe....I am soooo pissed, too, that he is being attacked ...frickin demotards

Greybeard said...

Tell it girl!
And thank you for doing it.

Anonymous said...

I'm an educated voter. I've listened to more rhetoric from the candidates (interviews, debates, political campaign stops, etc) than I care to admit to. I've researched their history, voting records, prior remarks, mistakes, etc. Hell, at one point I helped extend McCains senate term...
Guess what?
Joe the plumber is just another American jackass.

A) under Obamas tax plan Joe the Plumber wouldn't be taxed more. Hell, he'd have his taxes cut, if anything.

B) I was stupified to hear a political planner for John McCain in a live interview, on radio, straight from the 'Straight Talk Express' (his campaign bus tour's name) say, in response to a question on John McCain's plans to deal with the economic crisis, "Well, he's going to represent all the Joe the Plumbers out there. Oh, good, Joe the Plumber just came on the bus. He's been travelling with us, sharing his economic wisdom. I am certain he will help shape our economic policy"...

Excuse me? I sure as HELL don't want Joe the Plumber directing national economic policy.

I also am SO sick of the redirection. Don't dodge the questions, answer them. That goes for democrats and republicans. IF the swift change that has happened during the duration of the campaign has left you needing more time to formulate a policy that you feel you can realistically enact during a term- then say so. State that you have some ideas but need to consult with more experts to determine what will be realistic for the changing economic situation.

I mean, JESUS. Oh, and Palin. I know so many people who are not going to vote for McCain just because of her. Worse is the fact that I truly believe McCain was pressured into taking her on as VP candidate by the republican caucus.

Lieberman would have been so much better.

I shudder to think of Palin as president. It is a horrifying idea- and at John McCain's age and history of skin cancer I don't trust him to make it an entire for years without passing the torch into her (IMO) uncapable hands.

Just a few thoughts.