To really laugh....

IM conversation of the night:

Friend for years: was beginnin' to worry bout you
Epi: I'm going to spare you my horrible mood.
Epi: I'm in a horrible mood. *points* Any conversation that takes
place after this point is not my fault. I just want that out there.
Friend for years: well... this thing has an "off" switch and I know how to use
it... so I guess I'm forewarned and forearmed. Two forearms even.
Epi: LOL
Friend for years: see, mood just got less horrible.
Epi: Amazing how that works
Friend for years: It's a gift... what can I say?


Hey, Bama Boy. That's my line. :)

But thank you anyway. For bringing a smile to this old girl's face.

BTW... You're not that funny, but I love ya anyway. :)

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Anonymous said...

Not that funny huh? Yeh... I know better. Won't say HOW I know better... but I do. Y'know.