Cedar Point

US fines Cedar Point $195,000 over safety issues

Like I'm surprised.

I was climbing a 200 foot hill on a roller coaster with no rope 14 years ago. Sure, it's not a 300 foot hill, but still. For a girl with a serious fear of heights, it was not fun. Maybe that's why I ended up working on the Frontier Carousel and Wave Swinger.

And don't get me started on the "test rides" they submitted their employees to. I remember the first time I was riding when we had a roll back on the Gemini.

In my own humble opinion, it should have been a little higher than 195K.


Evil Transport Lady said...

That gave me the chills! I hate heights, shit I get nervous even on the wheelchair lift. ;)

Epijunky said...

I can only trace it back to my Dad holding me on his shoulders at the Hoover Dam.

At three or four years old.

He thought it was funny that I was screaming bloody murder as I looked at the thousand foot drop.


Odie said...

i love Cedar Point, although it doesnt surprise me that they got fined. But i love the Magnum, the mantis, and the dragster rides.

Then there's the power tower...first place i discovered balistic trajectories. Watching puke fall from 200' up at the age of 8 was amazing.

Epijunky said...

I rode the Power Tower for the last time a few years ago. I had gone on the towers that shoot you up a few times, but had never been on the down towers.

So I'm sitting there trying not to hyperventilate as they slowly raise us 200 feet up into the air. (I have a small problem with heights) The second they shot us down I screamed every four letter word I could come up with. Completely embarrassing myself, my husband and my in laws who were sitting at the bottom of the ride with my son.

And then I lost my voice for three days. :) NEVER AGAIN.